Macbook Pro OSX Mavericks with Two Monitors

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Splurged on a new dev rig.  There isn’t a lot of information out there about using two monitors with a Macbook Pro.  There are some third party docks that are built for this purpose.  These products are not necessary with the right cables or adapters. I hooked up two 1900X1200 Dell monitors with one mini… Read more »

Android gradle installRelease

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I needed to get a release build on an running emulator.  So from the command line I did “gradle installRelease”, which resulting in a message “waiting for device”.  The solution was to startup the “Android Debug Monitor” (Tools -> Android -> Monitor) from Android Studio.

Openstack vs Amazon – Should the AWS API be the standard?

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The Scobleizer weighed in on Randy Bias’s opinion that Openstack should adopt Amazon’s AWS API. So who get’s the cloud right – Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Openstack, ect…? I’ve used AWS quite a bit. I have a project in production on Google App Engine. I keep up on Azure. Which do I like best? Hands down,… Read more » API Keys explained

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Mattieu Gamach lays it out nicely here. Application ID: This is the main identifier that uniquely specifies your application. This is paired with one of the keys below to provide your clients access to your application’s data. Client Key: This key should be used in consumer clients, like the iOS or Android SDK. It adheres… Read more »

System.Web.Helpers and MVC 4 – gotcha!

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As my previous post shows I recently installed MVC 4 on my development machine.  I ran into an annoying gotcha by doing this. I have an MVC 3 app that I maintain and I needed to make a small change to a previous version of the app in our test environment.  I should have been… Read more »

Auto Save Web Forms with Knockout

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I was on a project recently that had the business requirement to automatically save data as it was entered.  This can be accomplished be hooking into the onChange event of your ui controls. When you add Knockout into the mix you can get some very nice functionality with very little effort. First thing we need… Read more »